Handicare Freecurve Freelift Curved Stairlift






This lift has been designed with the help of therapists and users alike to save maximum space, enhance your comfort and fit stylishly into your home.


We are currently selling two models of Freelift, The Van Gogh and The Rembrandt, the only difference being that the Rembrandt follows a path around the internal bend ( bannister side normally), and the Van Gogh goes around the outside of the bend.

Options and pricing

The feasibility and pricing of curved stairlifts can be quite complex, with many options available. We would advise you to ask us for a no-obligation assessment in your home before placing an order.

Our pricing module is designed to enable you to work out an approximate price before you invite anyone into your house. Our aim is to be transparent in our pricing from the start. Call us on 01276 856060 to get a ballpark figure.

Powered hinge

The Free curve powered hinge is one of the most versatile on the market. Fitting in a smaller area than any of its competitors, it also benefits from an auto fold mechanism, clearing the obstruction caused below as you travel to the top.

40-degree seat option

The optional 40-degree down-facing seat enables users who are unable to bend at the knee, the possibility of using a stairlift.

Seat Option

The seats are available in three different options including Classic seat, Elegance seat and Alliance seat.