Kymco Komfy 8 Mobility Scooter




The Komfy 8 is the latest 8mph model from Kymco Healthcare. Sharing all of the features of the new Komfy 4, this model has a few extra’s and an increased maximum speed of 8mph, utilising the powerful 500 watt motor. This 8mph model also comes with two rear view mirrors as standard and an emergency manual break.

Comfort is one of the key areas Kymco have focused on, (the clue is in the name!) All round, adjustable suspension should ensure a smooth ride over varied terrain. There is also, rarely seen on 4mph scooters, a supportive Captain style seat with a headrest that is fully adjustable. 10″ pneumatic tyres also add to the ride quality and the soft touch delta tiller is easier for anyone with any grip issues.

The Komfy 8 has been designed to take you on a longer journey in comfort and style. With a maximum range of up to 20 miles between charges you should be able to get to where you want to go. There are large soft touch switches on the tiller dashboard and a useful USB charging point for your mobile device on the go. Couple this with a convenient high-level charging point and low power consumption LED lights front and rear you can see the list of standard features is quite impressive.

Overall Width 23.6″ / 60cm
Overall Length 50.3″ / 128cm
Battery 2 x 12v 45A/H
Max. Range 20 miles maximum
Max. Speed 8mph
Maximum user weight 25 Stone / 160 kg
Tyres 10″ Pneumatic
Ground clearance 1.8″ / 4.5 cm
Maximum Safe Slope 10 degrees

Glossy Black, Sapphire Blue, Cherry Red, Mercury Silver


Glossy Black, Sapphire Blue, Cherry Red, Mercury Silver