TGA Zest Plus Mobility Scooter

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Either of the Zest models are a perfect town companion. They have a great range of features and easily come apart into a few manageable sections.

The Zest and Zest Plus

Both have great performance with superb levels of stability, manoeuvrability and class-leading ground clearance. They have clever ergonomic design features including delta handlebars with lightweight thumb controls, practical and secure carrying options and a fully adjustable padded seat.

The scooters are easily taken apart, even with the use of just one hand and simply stowed away or transported in the smallest of car boots. The Zests are compact but bursting with features and style not normally found on a scooters of this size.

If you are looking for a scooter like the Zest, all you have to do is decide whether to go for the Zest or Zest Plus!

If you are looking for more space and stability when driving, then the Zest Plus is longer, wider and has larger wheels. Despite having a bigger battery, strain-free lifting is still assured with the Zest Plus as the battery splits cleverly in two. Each half is quick and easy to remove for charging or putting in a car boot.

  • Simple to take apart, liftable components, no fiddly connections
  • Modular design allowing for easy storage and transportation
  • Excellent levels of stability and manoeuvrability
  • All round suspension for added comfort
  • Battery capacity with a range of up to 18 miles
  • User weight of up to 23.5 stone
  • Specification Detail Metric Imperial
    Length 112cm 44″
    Width 56cm 22″
    Seat Width fully adjustable and rotating 56cm 22″
    Total Weight 70kg 154lbs
    Wheel & Tyre Size front 22cm 8.5″
    rear 22cm 8.5″
    Battery Size standard 2x 12v 21ah
    Controller 24v 90amp
    Speed variable up to 6kmh 4mph
    Approximate Range standard batteries 29km 18miles
    Maximum Carry Capacity 178kg 23stone
    Ground Clearance 10cm 4″
    Vehicle Class 2

Orange, Blue, White, Metallic Silver, Red, Green


Orange, Blue, White, Metallic Silver, Red, Green