Multi-Functional Hiking Pole


£21.59 Inc VAT £17.99 With VAT Relief


Available in black only
Includes a shock absorbing ferrule which can help to reduce fatigue on any elevation, provide noticeable stability, and reduce stress that can accumulate in the wrists ,feet, legs, knees and back
Ideal in any weather
Perfect if you want to stay active but want more support
Height adjustable from 69cm to 135cm
Adjustable multi-positioned LED light built into the handle for better visibility at night
Lightweight aluminium frame
PVC ergonomic Handle
High Density Foam Grip Extension
Aids in balance, speed, and reduction of pressure and weight placed on the legs and back
Perfect companion for weekend hiking trips or for everyday use when out and about
Comes in Black only
Easy twist lock system
Removable trekking (mud/snow) basket to prevent it from sinking into soft dirt or sand
Handy compass built into the handle for easy navigation
Easy to carry or store in a backpack when not in use
Durable & adjustable wrist strap provides a safer, more secure grip